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coaches certification clinics

October 19th - 1:00pm-6:00pm - Level 2
October 20th - 1:00pm-6:00pm - Level 3
October 27th - 1:00-6:00pm - Level 1
SSHS Media Center, 45 East Maple St
Register at
Contact Brian Ripley 970-688-1464

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How do I add an iCal Feed to a Smart Phone?

This link from Sport Engine explains how to sync your phone to the CAHA Calendar so you get automatic updates as the game schedules get finalized. Every team page will have a synched calendar as well. No need to try to navigate the CAHA website

2019-20 Season Registration

pre season hockey september 16-27!

2019-20 Season starts September 30!

Mites start Monday, October 7th

Away Fall Tournament Dates 2019

Provo, Utah: Nov 1-3 BT A/B
Vail Sportsmanship: Nov 8-9 PW A/B
Vail Sportsmanship: Nov 15-17 SQ A/B

Need Gear? Check out Stampede Swap on FaceBook, SSYHA's used gear exchange

Search for Stampede Swap and ask to join the group!

Adding a Guardian to Sports Engine App

Family members of an athlete can be added as Guardians, allowing them to be involved in the athlete's sports life without being the primary SportsEngine account owner.


2019-20 Calendar


How to Score a Game in Sport NGIN LIVE

This on demand Video walks you through scorekeeping.